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Asset Connect is an intelligent budgeting platform that allows an organization to manage its assets using key components such as replacement cost, service life, book value, inventory tracking and maintenance costs.


Asset Connect is an easy to use asset management system that was built to meet the requirements set by the Washington State Auditor’s Office. Adding an asset is a simple process and even easier to maintain and navigate through.

Create activities to document the cost and details to an asset, perform inventories on with device optimized screens, and a detailed audit trail will always record all activity in the system.

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A big picture view of asset replacement.

The Replacement Plan is a foundational part of Asset Connect. Whether an Asset, Location, or Department, the formula is instrumental. Using replacement cost and book value, Asset Connect will show exactly how much to plan to set aside.

Inventory tracking should be more than simply counting quantities.

Be a hero with the ability to do physical counts in the field, special notes, and reassignment. No need to print inventory lists attached to a clipboard. With Asset Connect you can be mobile using a browser on a device.

Document activities such as break/fix, maintenance, improvements, and custom activity.

Document activities related to your assets such as a break/fix, maintenance, and inventory. With easy to use quick forms it's even easy to do.

Centralized and secure database accessible by a team.

Access to the asset list from anywhere by any user. This allows for contributions across departments and teams for a solid and up-to-date asset system.

Detailed audit trails track all activity within the system.

The system will track any changes, updates, additions or deletions. Including who made the change and when.
Individual User
/month (billed annually)
Single User
Unlimited Assets
Primary Asset Records
Maintenance & Insurance Documentation
Replacement Costing Tool
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Best for smaller organizations with a limited number of fixed assets. Typically a single employee managing the system entry and maintenance.

Multi User
/month (billed annually)
Up to 5 Users
Unlimited Assets
Primary Asset Records
Maintenance & Insurance Documentation
Replacement Costing Tool
Asset Holder Tracking
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Best for medium organizations with a medium/large list of fixed assets. This is best for team contribution of asset entry, maintenance, inventory, and control.

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What is an Asset Management System?

The Washington State Auditor’s Office has published a good guideline for establishing an Asset Management System.

WA SAO Guideline

Is my government required to have an Asset Management System?

The Washington State Auditor’s Office requires some form of asset management for all local governments, regardless of size. Without an asset management policy, the public’s money (assets both large and small) can be lost or wasted.

What should I be reviewing in an Asset Management system?

When looking to establish policies and procedures for an Asset Management System we recommend using the SAO Checklist for Capital Assets.

What qualifies as a Small & Attractive asset?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thankfully the newly renamed, Center for Government Innovation division of The Washington State Auditor’s Office has identified some best practices here. They even provide a downloadable PDF located in the Resource Database.

How I get started with BIAS Asset Connect?

Simply click on the Get started here or the button at the top and select either Demo or Sign Up. Unlike traditional software, we’ve worked hard to make Asset Connect a true online application. That means it’s very self-explanatory with an easy learning curve.

Are we billed monthly or annually?

You’re billed once a year for 12 months after your 30 day trial.

Do I have to install any software on my computer?

No. There is nothing you have to install specific to Asset Connect. All you need is a browser and an internet connection. Simple as that.

Which plan is best for my organization?

It’s actually quite simple… do you plan on being the only one to use Asset Connect? Or would it be beneficial to have multiple users providing input, updating and managing data in Asset Connect?