The most valuable asset: people.

Accurate payroll the first time. Every time.

Our integrated payroll software makes performing payroll a breeze. The workflow is streamlined and it's easy to search.

Connect your employees to groups, positions, and steps you've custom built.

Process payroll painlessly in one place with a only a click of a button.

Be confident in your payroll accuracy.

Specially designed tools to help save time.

Plan for the future with the payroll budgeting component.

Easy and painless payroll calculations.

Easily manage wages, deductions and accruals.

Simple workflow for beginners. Trusted by seasoned professionals.

  • A state-of-the-art application that connects your employees to groups, positions, and steps you’ve built for maximum efficiency when managing payroll.
  • Access all the steps you need to process payroll in one place with the click of a button.
  • You can be confident your payroll won’t be wrong with easy to read and interpret reports on the fly.
  • Get payroll done faster by tapping into the Calculated Pay tools that run circles around the full service payroll providers.
  • Capture payroll budgeting scenarios with an integrated and easy to use payroll budgeting component.
  • Less effort in manually calculating payroll; more reviewing and completing an accurate payroll.
  • Never worry about updating an employee’s wages, deductions, or accruals again.
  • Easy for you to manage payroll by guiding you through the necessary steps for a successful payroll process whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned professional.


Like all BIAS applications, BIAS Payroll is completely integrated with Financials for automatic and seamless posting to the GL. It operates an “enter and calculate” principle that permits the user to see the results before finalizing the payroll. This allows a second look to ensure paycheck accuracy.

Checks can be printed on-the-fly or in a batch process for easy paycheck distribution. Pre-set your cost distribution to follow actual worked time or a percentage based allocation. Generate your tax and benefit payments and send them to AP with full distribution of costs that follow wages to your funds.

  • Position and benefit tracking
  • Manage salaries, hourly pay, FLSA, OT, and any premium pay
  • Vacation, sick, holiday, or any accrual tracking
  • State & federal tax tracking
  • Custom pay distributions
  • Multi-step calculated wages (a must have for complex bargaining units)
  • Paid Family Medical Leave tracking
  • Calculated accrual earnings based on hours worked
  • Email employees paystubs
  • Direct deposit via NACHA file
  • Workers compensation tracking


BIAS Payroll is customized to work with your organizational structure. Review and approval of all steps are built in to satisfy internal control needs with extensive error checking and audit trails operating in the background.


Easy reporting for all your payroll needs.

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• 941 Reporting
• Unemployment Reporting
• DRS Hours and Salary Report
• Workers Compensation Report
• Electronic W-2 & W-3 filing
• Payroll Budgeting
• Accrual Liability Report
• Benefit Reporting
• Employee Census
• Paid Family Medical Leave


• Accrual Tracking
• Basic HR Tracking
• Benefit Tracking
• Electronic W-2
• Payroll Budgeting
• Payroll Processing

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