We believe our clients have a story to tell.
Just like us.

Like many software companies, BIAS got its start in a basement almost 30 years ago. Out of the simple need for accounting software to help create a better method to record and track grain prices on a farm, BIAS was born.

Why We Exist

BIAS strives to be a software partner instead of a software vendor. We accomplish this by working hard to understand exactly what our clients experience. This can be as simple as “what expense code should I use” or as complex as “what are the tax consequences of this type of benefit”.

The Story

The ability to pick up the phone, and know they have a person that is experienced and knowledgeable with the current issues as they pertain to them is invaluable. Knowing they have a software system that not only adapts to the major accounting rules, but also to the specific needs of Local Governments is a top benefit.

Software for Governments

Committed to serving local government entities since 1991, BIAS is built specifically for cash basis Public entities as an integrated software package.


Financial Knowledge

Our top rated client support boasts accounting backgrounds and years of experience in WA State Cash-Basis Governmental Accounting.


Client Focused

BIAS was founded to serve the needs of clients and that focus hasn't change in 27 years. To this day BIAS believes itself to be a ``partner`` not a ``vendor.``

Meet the team

Get to know the talented people that make BIAS what it is.

Our story revolves around serving our clients.

We'd like to think that we are helping our clients change the world. And yes, we also build financial software for local governments.

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