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Daylight Savings Time
and the year’s end.

Daylight Saving Time has come and gone. Before you know it, 2020 will be here!

By this point, you’re in the middle of your preparation for Year-End!  The new year will be here faster than stores can put out their holiday items. Spending an hour here and there to do year-end prep will help ease your workload and if you plan things right, maybe even take some stress-free time off for the holidays. 

  • Here’s a shortlist of items to start looking at: 
    • Review the financial reports and compare budget vs YTD figures. Research items that may need to be adjusted. Get any budget changes approved and entered before the year-end. 
    • Clean up the chart of accounts before the year-end. Are there accounts that aren’t being used or might need to be changed? Are there YTD figures in accounts that should be coded differently? 
    • Prepare a list of payroll changes to be made after the last payroll in December. Review employee’s pay and benefits to see who’s might have changed. Check employee’s birthdays to make sure they’re in the right age group for retirement benefits and review hire dates and notes. It is also important to verify if your employees’ vacation and sick leave follow current policies. 
    • If it has not been done yet, set up the 2020 new year in BIAS.  Check out our Knowledge Base or Help Center for assistance. 
    • Review Utility Billing setup for any changes needed for the new year, including any rate changes.
    • Catch up on bank reconciliations.
  • Verify that all important data on your computer is being backed up not just BIAS. Consider storing your documents and other files off-site or in the cloud, just having an additional copy onsite does not protect from fire or hardware failure. Make sure you’re able to access the backups and know the passwords and credentials to BIAS and other programs.  
  • Create any folders for the new year, both physical and computer folders. Delete old and unnecessary files and data cluttering up your computer.
  • Catch up on filing

In case you were wondering, here is what some people did with the 25th hour on a fallback day ….

  1. Sleep … who wouldn’t want an extra hour of sleep? 
  2. Watch time rollback. This is a real thing, staying awake till 2 am and watching the clock on their phone jump backward in time. 
  3. Spent an extra hour binge-watching shows.
  4. Flipped their mattress, now that’s really living on the edge. 
  5. Changed the batteries in the smoke detectors.
  6. Reversed the ceiling fan direction bringing the warm air down from the ceiling.

Next time, do something fun before the time change so you can relive that hour again! Come on … this is your chance to go back in time without the DeLorean and flux capacitor

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