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DETAILS: COVID-19 Blitz Special

How to track costs for COVID-19? 

With the explosion of the COVID-19 pandemic, local governments have been looking for ways to track costs accurately and efficiently. There are two primary ways that this can occur in BIAS. The first is through the creation of new BARS codes and the use of source codes in the chart of accounts. This method allows for ad hoc reports on costs incurred due to specific expenses. You can code your payroll expenses to new wage and benefit code(s) as well. Another option is to use the Jobs module. Jobs allows cost and reimbursement tracking without the creation of new BARS codes. Another perk of Jobs is that transactional data can be retroactively tagged. Finally, the Jobs module can track financial activity over multiple years. With the potential for reimbursement from Federal and State agencies, local governments should be prepared to track COVID-19 expenses.  

Schedule 06 how to make it work!  

The new Schedule 06 in BIAS is designed to make the process as easy for you as possible. To have the best outcome, it is important to reconcile all the months in BIAS, have entered the bank beginning balance, debits, and credits for each account, and ran the Treasurer’s Report to the end of the year. Making sure you have completed those steps first will reduce the risk of having errors on the report. For more instructions check out our Blitz on Schedule 06 in the Help Center. 

Annual Report Workshop Webinars 

Considering COVID-19 we have moved our Workshops to online classes. Our new format will consist of more scheduled appointments before and after the workshops. Our trainers will be live using Zoom during the workshop, and you will be able to ask questions by phone or chat messages during the training. We will also have additional dedicated staff members standing by to help you via BIAS Support Icon (LogMeIn Rescue) to work through your individual questions.  Register now! 


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