How To: Prep BIAS for PFML


The BIAS updates with the CSV export file that can be uploaded to the Employment Security website for PFML is now available. This update is only needed if you are filing your PFML report using an upload. If you are filing manually, no update is needed. Also, the deadline for the Q1 & Q2 reporting has been extended to August 31st, so there is time to get your BIAS updated.

  • If you decide that you want the new upload feature, determining the release is your first step. Our newest release, Rydell, is now available for general release. You can update to Rydell or update your Vulcan version. To learn more about the Rydell release, please check out the current Release Notes Tab in the Communities.

HOSTED USERS: If you are a hosted user, you will be updated automatically for the release that you are currently on.

ON-PREM USERS: On-Premises users may have user rights to update the release. If you have updating rights, you can update the program by:

  • Go to Help > Backup/Update BIAS_6.
  • Make sure there are no users in the system, you can force close all users by clicking Close All
  • Run backup files by clicking on Backup Files

NOTE: The backup will run by opening a separate screen when complete it will create a zip file under BIAS_6>backupdata>internal 

  • Check I Accept Risk button under Backup/Update BIAS_6
  • Under Backup/update BIAS_6 select which version you would like to update to
  • Click Update BIAS button, then your update will run
  • When the update is completed running you will see a message that installation is complete
  • Click OK to restart BIAS
  • Log back into BIAS with your credentials

If you don’t have rights or you have questions on how to update, please contact BIAS Support.

In order to update, all users will need to be logged out of BIAS. Larger entities with multiple users should schedule an appointment to avoid disruption of workflow. When logging on to BIAS Support please indicate in the question box that you are needing an update. You may also submit a support ticket through the communities.

Once you have received your update, search the Knowledge Base for “How Do I Create PFML Reports? Detailed instructions will walk you through the process of creating your reports. In addition, we have included instructional videos that can be found in the Knowledge Base articles. If you need further assistance after walking through our guides, please log on to support and enter PFML Report in the question box. This helps us assist you in the most efficient manner.

Employment Security has created their own instructions and videos for filing your reports. Go to PFML Instructions

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