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The Payroll Paradigm.

There are a few constants in the universe; the speed of light, gravity, magnetic flux, and employees wanting to be paid. Not only do they like to be paid, but they also enjoy the occasional raise. Afterall, studies showed that 66% of Americans would experience financial difficulty if their paycheck were delayed by just 1 week! Budget season is the time to be deciding how much of increase employees should receive. Did you know BIAS has a tool to help you with these calculations?Fun Facts:
Did you know that a penny costs 2.4 cents to manufacture?
President Roosevelt raised the top tax rate to 79 percent for Americans making over $5 million in 1935, but it only applied to one person at that time—John D. Rockefeller.
The Payroll Projections report is a budgeting tool that allows the building of different models to calculate future payroll expenses. It looks at not only wages but benefits as well to help build an accurate forecast.
The Payroll Projections report is available on both the current versions of Vulcan and Rydell.  To learn more about this function open up a web browser and go to Log In using your communities password and you will find Payroll Projections in the Trending section.

More Fun Facts:
There is more Monopoly money printed every year than actual cash. Yet, only 8% of the world’s currency is in physical money!
Oh, and don’t forget to wash your hands… 94% of bills are contaminated with bacteria! – Now that’s gross! (See what I did there?!)


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Howdy, I’m Jason the Client Success Manager at BIAS. I have the joy of working with a team of knowledgeable professionals that work hard every day to support you with your software questions. I have a broad experience including running a hardware store, being a financial analyst in banking, a fire chief, and a 911 call-taker and dispatcher. When I am not here at BIAS, I love to kayak, fish, & hunt.

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