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We still have wish lists.

When I was a kid, my grandmother had a Thanksgiving tradition. My brother, my sister and I would have to write out our Christmas wish lists. I remember laying on the floor with a pencil, paper and a Sears or J.C. Penny’s catalog. Those books were 2 inches thick and filled with page after page of high glossy photos of anything you could imagine. We would lay there for hours flipping through the pages. I was usually focused on the toy section.

Star Wars was big back then too. One year there was a Millennium Falcon that was longer than my arm. What little boy wouldn’t want that? It was at the top of my list. However, before we could go home, the lists had to be filled out and given back to Grandma. At Christmas, packages were packed tightly under the tree at Grandma’s. When it was time to open them all, each of us kids had a pretty respectable pile. There would be items that weren’t on our lists, such as clothes for school and some sort of a surprise that we had never thought of. However, there were usually a few items that came from that long thought about wish list.

This past year, we have been working hard to listen to you, our clients, and find out what your wish list items are. It has been good for us to engage and talk at events like our Rally and workshops. Many of you have participated in online surveys and interviews with Simon. We have been listening and working to bring you things from your wish list. From that list, we were able to do some new things this past year. By popular demand, the BIAS Christmas card returned. We introduced a new website at and opened up a password-less Help Center. We are communicating in new ways with the BIAS Blog and the BIAS Newsletter. There have been updates to the software to bring in new features and we released Asset Connect as a stand-alone asset management program. Like Santa’s elves, our engineers are busy working to bring more ideas from your wish list to life in 2020. We are looking forward to sharing more of that with you in the months to come.

 Thank you for being a part of who we are.

We continue to strive to bring you the best tools to make your jobs easier. On behalf of everyone at BIAS, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Oh, by the way, I did get that Millennium Falcon and I still have it.


Howdy, I’m Jason the Client Success Manager at BIAS. I have the joy of working with a team of knowledgeable professionals that work hard every day to support you with your software questions. I have a broad experience including running a hardware store, being a financial analyst in banking, a fire chief, and a 911 call-taker and dispatcher. When I am not here at BIAS, I love to kayak, fish, & hunt.

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