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What is SaaS?

When I started with BIAS full-time, SaaS was a relatively new term around here. And for a 20 year old software company like BIAS, this is a really exciting change!

After all, BIAS started in a basement in the days of floppy disks. Updates and installs were often cumbersome and time-consuming. Software has had a steep evolution of change to get to where it is now. SaaS stands for Software as a Service and the chances are pretty good that you use at least one or two SaaS applications daily. Netflix, Spotify, Google, and Uber are just some of the big names most of us use. These products aim to make life easier, more enjoyable and even more productive.

Roughly two years ago, BIAS set out to build a SaaS tool that would make simple the seemingly difficult task of fixed asset management. We came to understand the need based on client surveys and market research. But once again, this was unlike anything BIAS had done before. This new application would have all of the advantages of SaaS:

Updates are automated




Fast forward through several redesigns and a Beta phase, we created an MVP. An MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, should have enough features to satisfy early customers and provide time to receive feedback for future product development (we believe the MVP also meets the requirements set forth by the WA SAO.) We feel so strongly that client feedback is the best way to build quality products that solve problems. Fortunately, integrating with other applications is easier in the cloud. In this case we chose to partner with ‘Receptive’ is a customizable feedback tool that helps us understand and prioritize what really matters to our clients. Found in the bottom left of the Asset Connect window, users can simply click on the “We Love Feedback!” button to give direct input to our development team.

We even implemented an additional method of quick support within the application called ‘LiveChat’. This little red chat bubble sits in the bottom right of Asset Connect and allows users to get unprecedented support via chat (FUTURE GLIMPSE: Our hope is to incorporate this into all BIAS support!).

Since Asset Connect is truly geared to all cash basis Government entities, I’ve found that the best way to describe it’s back-bones are with the 3 following pillars;
Budgeting Tool

With the focus on replacement of your assets, we use a Target Reserve equation for each asset, location and department. You then have a real-time representation of what you should be putting away to replace your replaceable assets.


Falling in-line with the SAO requirements, performing and keeping an accurate inventory is not optional. We’ve streamlined this process with printable and filterable screens in an easy to use mobile friendly display.


This tool will allow you to track vital activities related to your assets. This could be maintenance or repair. Or reassigning the asset to a new asset holder (custodian).

The truth be told, Asset Connect is really just the tipping point for us here at BIAS. What we are learning as a software company with Asset Connect will directly tie into the ongoing development of our already easy to use products. We are really looking forward to what’s to come.


Interested in taking a look at Asset Connect? Just click on the link to schedule a time that works best for you.  Schedule a Demo


Hi, I'm Simon. I am the Brand Manger here at BIAS. Which means I get to have fun working with everyone and creating new things everyday. I have a diverse background in Small Business, Graphic Design, and Marketing. I love being outside and riding my bike as much as possible.

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